Branding that’s just your type.

We set out to work with entrepreneurs helping shape the incredible ideas they have to make the world better.

Part of the deal is making sure their idea looks great and communicate it in a different, better way.

We’ve made this a few times and decided to do it ourselves. The fonts we make are professional tools for creatives of all markets to design and build their own great ideas.

The text on the right is how we believe design should be thought out and carried through. Call it a Manifesto if you’d like.

  • We design for the world

    What get us up in the morning is to get out there and make the world a better place using the tools of graphic design.

  • Context is everything

    Who is it for, why, for what, how, where and when. These are the simple questions we need to answer before making great, relevant work. Without these answers, it’s not design.

  • Experimenting is key

    Trying new approaches, making mistakes and learning from them. Spending quality time with new ideas help you grow and become better at what you do for yourself and others.

  • Learn all the time

    Every project is a great excuse to learn.

  • Constraint is freedom

    Without constraints, design would be art. Every project’s limitations can be a spark for great ideas and solutions. Work around it, within it or outside it.

  • Portfolios hide the process

    What you see in a designer’s portfolio, sparkling with perfection has 2 purposes: either it shows the result of a long process of investigation, experimentation, persuasion and thrown out ideas or it hides all the long hours put in each project and makes it look like magic.

  • Design is an important paths for innovation

    We are taught to think from different angles, wear the user’s skin and use these observations to create a meaningful experience whatever the output may be. Innovation is created from observation, analysis and persistence.

  • The client plays a crucial role

    As in any service business, design is directly dependent on a good client. Being a good client involves knowing your business inside out, sharing your enthusiasm and exchanging ideas often.

  • Designers need to dig deeper

    In order to find the truth in each project – the place in which no jargon is left standing, no detail left unattended – we must go beyond the surface of the problem.