Bounce BMX – 2014-2015 collection Glorious Broads

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Bounce BMX

“We wanted to make a people’s bike. A bike that has a great spec, looks totally sick, and was fairly priced. We wanted to make something that didn’t need gimmicks or big marketing campaigns because the bike spoke for itself. We wanted to create a bike that kept in the essence of what makes the mini BMX special, a bike that can be enjoyed by everyone.” Bounce Brand Statement

Our job was to create an identity system, bike designs and e-commerce website to make their statement become a reality.

We launched the collaboration by defining 5 core values with which every communication piece would be produced and measured with: Cool, Gutsy, Wearable, Extreme and Long-Lasting.


The mini BMX is a super manouverable, crazy stunt, super fun BMX. You can actually do sick flips on the little thing and it almost fits in your backpack. So a logo that could be read in any degree would look pretty darn cool. Ambigrams have that ability so we went for it.

Throughout the identity applications, we decided to make people have to turn things around to be able to read all the information. Sure it requires some extra-effort from the reader, but hey, it's a neat trick to enhance the brand concept and make people smile all in the same move.


With unappologetic names such as Freak and Guerrilla, we had to come up with pretty darn cool lettering and color combinations for the debut models. All we can say is that we're in f*!@# love with them and we hope riders are too.


Bounce's store completes the brand experience, with simple and intuitive navigation, making it pretty easy for riders to get what they want and start bouncing around with their brand new bikes.

Creative Director Rodrigo Saiani

Designers Rodrigo Saiani, Lucas Campoi, Lucas Anelli.

Code DevChill.

Photography Francesca Emma Photography.

Video Digital Snowball.

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