Leblon Arquitetura Bene

Mostra de Cinema Chinês

Chinese Film Festival was created by Instituto Confúcio at Unesp & Sesc and celebrates hard to find contemporary Chinese films in Latin America.

There is a gap in the exhibition of Continental Chinese films since most Chinese film festivals in Brazil and abroad focus almost exclusively in productions made in Hong Kong & Taiwan.

For the identity, we went for an immediately recognizable symbol of modern Chinese mega city culture: neons. The letters were arranged so the Festival name could be written in both portuguese and chinese, creating a composition that integrates horizontal and vertical reading directions. The titles in the opening spreads of the program follow the same structure suggested by the logo and overlap striking black and white movie stills.

Design decisions, such as repeating elements, changing orientation and layering information, were driven by a will to create a cinematic impression. This concept was carried through to posters and the animated festival intro that was screened prior to the movies.

Creative Director Rodrigo Saiani

Designers Flora de Carvalho e Rodrigo Saiani

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