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For 20 years, Côncavo e Convexo has been one of São Paulo's most traditional Motels (known in Brazil as “love hotels”).

In 2012, they decided to remodel the facade and suites to cater to a more sophisticaded public. They hired top brazilian architects Francisco Calio and Fabiola Fera for the architecture + interior design.

We translated the architect's concept into an elegant and upscale brand and applied it to every point of contact throughout the guests’ experience from printed matter to their website.

Creative Director: Rodrigo Saiani, Gustavo Saiani

Designers: Rodrigo Saiani, Gustavo Saiani, Luisa Borja, Juliana Valverde, Eduardo Mattos

Code: Caio Vaccaro, Gustavo Saiani, Rodrigo Saiani

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