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Nicho de Bicho Branding

Nicho de Bicho (formerly known as Mondo Sommerso) is probably the best known pet store in Rio. Ask anyone about the “pet store from BarraShopping” and most likely they’ll tell you how they used to spend hours watching the cute puppies play on their stroll through the mall.

After 20 fruitful years using the former name, they decided to stir things up by changing everything: name, location as well as the store’s concept.

From a general store to a more niched approach, Nicho de Bichos is the mature version of a classic.

We started by designing an elegant, deceptively simple all type logo both airy and economic in its applications, leaving room for graphic languages to emerge.

Fábio Cursino was the store’s architect and we were lucky to work with Fabio Corazza, an amazing illustrator from São Paulo who rendered the graphic language of the store’s wall decor beautifully. Geometric animals and muted colors provide a background that enhance the shopping experience while acknowledging the true stars of the store: pets and products.

Architect Fábio Cursino

Creative Director Rodrigo Saiani

Illustrator Fabio Corazza

Designers Rodrigo Saiani, Lucas Campoi, Fernanda Schlickmann, Dominique Kronemberger, Flora de Carvalho

Copywriting Edmour Saiani, Rodrigo Saiani, Flora de Carvalho e Dominique Kronemberger

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