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Babycub is an up and coming brazilian based children's clothing subscription service. Being a start-up, with an excellent product, but a made-by-the-founders identity and website they needed a little hand growing into an investment deserving state.

Our goal was to make it so that moms signed up for the service, investors took it as seriously as the founders did and children loved and wanted more of it.

We started by giving the bear a boost of life and rethinking the lettering so as to reflect the aforementioned goals.

From there, the packaging – which moms receive periodically – was a no-brainer. The bear's face would provide an interesting play for the kids and we would like to believe that it would be kept by their parents.

The website was re-thought from the ground up and the subscription processed refined and made more fun and entertaining. Every form and interaction was payed special attention by the team and the founders alike.

Creative Director: Rodrigo Saiani, Gustavo Saiani

Designers: Rodrigo Saiani, Luisa Borja, Eduardo Mattos

Front-end: Caio Vaccaro

Back-end: Leonardo Simões

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