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Eliezer Max – Identidade Visual

Eliezer Max is a forward thinking jewish school in Rio de Janeiro.

We were invited by Mariana Ochs, communication leader at the school, to rethink the school’s visual identity (logotype would remain untouched). The whole deployment of the new system would be done in-house by a tiny design department always working with tight deadlines.

The identity would encompass physical, print and digital output and needed to address 3 key aspects of the school’s communication:

  • Day-to-day communication: social network posts, urgent alerts, parent guidance messages.
  • Events and happenings at the school.
  • Institutional and marketing communication including signage, booklets etc.

While we usually think, create and deliver final artwork of a brand identity, this time we had to think in terms of basic, easy-to-use tools for the team to apply, which proved a big design challenge for both studio and client.

Our solution was a visual identity package with design instructions and templates that included a pattern design; grid system complete with text and color styles; a bespoke isometric layered typeface in two directions to use in a illustrative fashion; icon set to match the typeface.

The graphic identity has been used successfully by Eliezer’s team to develop a new website and many graphic materials, from signage to social network messages, with many others under way.

We learned a lot in the making of this project, which is only fitting for the subject at hand.

Eliezer In-house Design Leader Mariana Ochs

Creative Director Rodrigo Saiani

Art Director Flora de Carvalho

Typeface Design Flora de Carvalho, Rodrigo Saiani, Daniel Rocha

Illustrators Flora de Carvalho, Daniel Rocha

Designers Flora de Carvalho, Rodrigo Saiani, Daniel Rocha, Dominique Kronemberger, Lucas Campoi

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